AmandaFigueroaAmanda Figueroa as Marissa
Amanda Figueroa - IMDB
Marissa, 29, is a newly married, girl next store beauty and talented singer/songwriter. Marissa harbors a secret lifelong desire to be spanked that has been present since childhood. She loves her husband Kris but he lacks the dominance she craves. In a chance encounter with a hot, mysterious stranger, Marissa comes face to face with a gut-wrenching dilemma – ignore her desires and retreat to her safe everyday existence or lead a double life where she must battle to keep her traditional conservative world and her new fetish world from colliding.




Natasha4Natasha Henstridge as Olivia

Olivia, the beautiful, sophisticated manager of Club Corporal, an upscale fetish club in Philadelphia. She is strong, yet vulnerable and wounded. Olivia is very protective of those she loves and dangerously jealous of the young beautiful Marissa. 




Kristin Minter

Kristin Minter as Liz

Liz, Marissa’s controlling, yet loving, older sister and confidant.  She is an attractive, tell it like it is Philadelphia Police Detective who is extremely protective of her younger sister.





Natasha4Stacey Dash as Ms. Vivian

Ms. Vivian, a very strong, Sexy, Dominant lady who stands behind her life style choice despite the opposition around her.  She is a mentor to young women in the fetish community.  Vivian is Olivia’s confidant and the only woman she will submit to .






MichaelPatrickLaneMichael Patrick Lane as Kris

Kris, Marissa’s husband and high profile Prosecutor.  He is making an election run to become the youngest District Attorney in the history of Philadelphia.  He is handsome, charismatic, and straight-laced.  Although he is a shark at work, he leaves his dominant side at the office and neglects Marissa’s need for it in the bedroom.






Lukas Hassel as Slade
Lukas Hassel - IMDB

Slade, the very hot, dominant owner of Club Corporal.  He is drawn to Marissa and lures her into a world which threatens to wreak havoc on her safe “vanilla” life.






Cilda Shaur as Jacqueline

Cilda Shaur - IMDB

Jacqueline: attractive, upscale, opinionated matriarch of the Kelly family.







Robin Rose Singer as Brooke
Robin Rose Singer - IMDB

Brooke, adorable, feisty little sister and black sheep of the very upscale Kelly family.







Molly Chase as Kailee
Molly Logan Chase - IMDB

Kailee, the upscale, judgmental oldest sister of the Kelly family who is expecting her first child.






HenryGagliardiHenry Gagliardi as Michael Slade Jr.
Henry Gagliardi - IMDB

Michael Slade Jr., 8, adorable son of Michael Slade.






Kristen2Kristen Calgaro as Assistant District Attorney CJ.
Kristen Calgaro - IMDB