“My experience with Bridget was one I will never forget. Her vision was something I was proud to bring to life, and one can only hope for a female director as passionate as Bridget in the future. What an honor to be a part of this film.”


 Amanda Figueroa – Lead actress – Marissa


“It makes me proud to be included in Bridget’s projects. She is a director of vision, unafraid to tackle the hard subjects. It has been a pleasure seeing Bridget emerge as an empowered woman, creating projects that have a unique voice in the industry. Her talent as a storyteller has no bounds.”


 Diane Heery – Casting Director, Herry Loftus Casting, Philadelphia, PA



“I had the pleasure of working with Bridget Smith on 7th Secret. I have never seen a more dedicated director. She is unbelievably supportive and encourages collaboration in all aspects of the character the actor is building and the role the character plays in the movie. I hope to work with her again and again. I enjoyed every relaxed creative, supportive moment on set acting. It was a fantastic experience.”


 Kristin Minter – Liz Role


Working with many first time directors before, it was a pleasure to collaborate with Bridget who knew what she wanted for the movie which made the whole process seamless. From her ability to get the actors on their A game to knowing if the shots were going to work, gave me the time to finesse the lighting for each scene. Bridget also adapted to the changes that needed to be made on set to make it an enjoyable shoot for everyone involved.


 Joe Hennigan – Director of Photography



“Bridget Smith is an infectiously enthusiastic director who is quick with praise, and impossible to anger.  I tried, I really tried.  It turns out she is also often the smartest person in the room.  We are so proud she chose Shake Audio Post for the sound design and mixing of Seventh Secret, and we look forward to working with her again on her next Philly Born Production.”


 Mark Schultz, CAS – Sound Engineer, Shake Audio Post, Philadelphia, PA



“It’s very rare that you meet filmmakers that are as passionate about filmmaking and storytelling as Bridget Smith and Philly Born Productions. It was a true pleasure to have been a part of the making and bringing to life of the feature film “7th Secret” with them.”


Roy Koriakin – Line Producer


“Right from the very first audition, it was clear that director Bridget Smith knew what she was doing. Taking her time, Bridget Smith allowed me to explore my character, and actually go somewhere already at the casting session. I remember thinking – this a director who knows what she wants out of a scene, and has the confidence to realize there are many ways of getting there. Once on set, the entire production was super supportive and respectful towards the actor’s process, and it shows in the final result, in everyone’s performance. I was thrilled to be working with such a strong cast and crew and look forward to sharing this film with indie film lovers out there. “


 Lukas Hassel – Slade Role


“I am amazed not by the cast and crew’s willingness to put all their efforts into Bridget Smith’s vision of 7th Secret, but by the passion, focus, patience, and humility with which Bridget  pours into each and every frame. And it shows. It was not only an honor but a pleasure to put my efforts into the soundtrack of 7th Secret. My proudest moment as a musician.”


 Matthew Hunter – Original Music/Music Supervisor


“Bridget is a master at creating a creative atmosphere where life can just happen.  Loved working with Bridget!  It’s always a gift to be able to collaborate with someone intelligent and driven.  Bridget was incredible at catering to the actors individual needs and really understood the process so that the communication between an actor and his choices could just flow. Bridget seems to know how to tweak a stimulus just enough for the response she’s looking to capture on set.”


 Michael Patrick Lane – Kris Role


“Bridget is the real deal. A very hands on, approachable director with great ideas & a joy that radiates to everyone on set.  She is thorough with a strong attention to detail, all while creating a very comfortable work environment where actors can play and take risks. “


 Molly Logan Chase – Kailee Role


“I had been on many sets for many projects during the 3 years my son, Henry Gagliardi, was acting professionally prior to filming “7th Secret” with Bridget Smith and Philly Born Productions. I can honestly state that Bridget and Philly Born Productions ensured that my then-9-year-old boy had a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching time on set. Not only were his needs more than met but the set and those involved in the production made sure Henry had a lot of fun while also improving his skills and getting the job done…and as a dad, I could ask for nothing more.”


 Dominic S. Gagliardi – Father of 9 year old Henry Gagliardi – Slade Jr. Role


“From the minute I walked into my audition, I just loved Bridget Smith. She was so much fun in that room & on set. Bridget’s a wonderful Director to work with, she knew exactly what she wanted and was so open to my ideas as well. Everyone on the set respected & adored her, she’s a very special lady.”


 Cilda Shaur – Jacqueline Role


“Working with Bridget for the score of the film was an amazing experience. She is very focused on what she wants and does not settle for anything less. Her dedication to the film and filmmaking in general is an inspiration to me as an artist.”


 Jim Jenca – Composer



“Bridget was absolutely wonderful to work with.  I never would have know she was a first time director.  She was a blast, so considerate of the actors and and on top of everything from start to finish.  I’d work with Bridget again in a heartbeat!”


 Robin Rose Singer – Brooke Role


“Working with Bridget was an excellent experience. As a director, she allowed artistic freedom and trusted the expertise from her post production crew, while maintaining her vision and the direction of the film.”


 Joe Carlin – Colorist, Transfixion Films