Philly Born Productions presents the independent feature film “7TH SECRET” – the story of a young wife’s forbidden life. 




A young wife, and aspiring singer-songwriter, finds herself wrapped up in a secret life when she reluctantly ventures into the Philadelphia underground kink world. Chaos ensues as she battles to keep her traditional conservative world and her new exciting fetish world from colliding.




MARISSA, a 29 year old married beauty and talented singer/songwriter, deals with a secret every day of her life.   


She’s married to KRIS, a high profile Prosecutor who is making an election run to be the youngest District Attorney in the history of Philadelphia. 


Marissa is very close to her controlling older sister, LIZ, a Philadelphia Police Detective who never hesitates to meddle in every aspect of Marissa’s life. 


Marissa’s life changes completely after a chance encounter with MICHAEL SLADE, a mysterious and dominant stranger who taps into her submissive side.  Slade owns Club Corporal, a private fetish club in Philadelphia.   


OLIVIA DIVINE , a sophisticated, strong-willed,  beauty in the fetish world.  She runs Club Corporal for Slade and loves him deeply.  She is dangerously jealous of the connection that Slade and Marissa share. 


Marissa fights her urges but the charming Slade lures her to Club Corporal.  


Marissa faces a gut wrenching dilemma – ignore her desires and retreat to her safe everyday existence or lead a double life where she must battle to keep her traditional conservative world and her new fetish world from colliding.


Both options come with a very heavy price.